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NEHOOV is continuing the heritage of NEURALWARE, a US Company in operation for more than 25 years. The core “deep neural network” engine created in the 1990’s is the foundation for a family of different programs, and it has been constantly improved based on feedback from users around the world and over 50,000 man-days of development. Do not listen to the siren voices claiming learning from data and generating forecasts is a recent phenomenon!

A key asset of our platform is a high level of automation. You don’t have to know about complex neural network parameters – you just set a few easy to understand options and let the software create the networks. That’s why our programs can and must be used very easily by operational staff who are not data-scientists! However, while our software is devoted first to operational staff, for knowledgeable users who are experts in data analytics, all network parameters can be accessed and tuned directly through the user interface!


Effectiveness of Predict™:

PREDICT includes both a plug-in for Microsoft Excel and a Command Line Interface (CLI). The Predict engine generates neural networks with features specified by meta-heuristics (network topology, multiple activation functions, learning coefficients). This powerful core engine meets the expectations of the majority of our clients eager to implement Neural Machine Learning quickly and easily for forecasting or clustering. An all the capabilities are offered at a very affordable price: only 6 k€ ! Because we are following the ECO ANALYTICS road, we cannot sell expensive tools, no?

And for those who need more extensive programmable access to the features of the Predict engine, a Software Development Kit (SDK) can be used directly to create neural network models in computer code. Please contact NEHOOV if you have an application for the SDK.

The strength of NeuralSight™:

The NEURALSIGHT Model Generator becomes your “genetic orchestra conductor”. By exploiting the power of modern multi-core, multi-threaded computers, NeuralSight drives a set of PREDICT processes to build hundreds, even thousands of models by exploring the range of neural network parameter settings available in Predict. NEURALSIGHT is an independent automated meta-algorithm that uses simple comma or tab delimited flat files for data input and provides extensive analysis and visualization facilities to help you choose the best neural network or set of neural networks to implement. Please contact NEHOOV if you are interested in NeuralSight.

Devis sur demande.

Using your neural networks:

All our products generate neural networks that are stored as files on your computer. You can run networks with new data either using the Excel Add-in, or you can use the Predict Run-Time Kit (RTK) linked to a custom application that you develop in a .NET language or in Java. Please contact NEHOOV if you are interested in building an application that links to the Predict RTK.

Take a look a our Use cases for application examples