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A data wrangling software

Allows to integrate multiple sets of data & clean them, extract subsets of data and represent them in 2D or generate analytic reports. Allows the use of neural models generated by PREDICT.

DEXTER is a fremium.

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Plug-In & Run Time Engine   Kit for deep machine learning

C core Engine that allows to build & use deep neural networks for prediction, classification or clustering. PREDICT can also be used as an EXCEL Plug-In.The Run Time Engine Kit allows to steer models during java or dot net development.

Perpetual pricing one shot : variable, pending the type and size of your entity, from 500 to 10 000 € please contact us.

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Scheduler software for machine learning

Stand-alone software that allows to create multiple neural models, to compare them. For prediction or classification, NEURALSIGHT allows to build “neural forest”, that is a bag of models with democratic vote.

Price on demand, please contact us.

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Software Development Kit

All the power of PREDICT & NEURALSIGHT in a library kit.

Price on demand, please contact us.

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Service for optimization

TÔ is a service based on a “genetic dynamic programming” core engine for flow optimization under constraints.

Price on demand, please contact us.

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  • Database cleaning,
  • Database clustering,
  • Detailed analytic report,
  • Build up of classification or prediction engine (one dimensional target),
  • Build up of classification or prediction engine (multiple dimensional targets).

Soon these services will be available as SaaS, in the « FACTORY » !

B2B turnkey services

  • All analytic task (see previous section),
  • Advisor for predictive risk management,
  • Advisor for IT analytic settlement,
  • Model embedding in client IT,
  • Dedicated software development from DEXTER or PREDICT core engines, or from scratch.

Energy sector modelling

Our team coming from the energy fields, we offer consulting services in the fields of IS, economic modeling or improvement of operational processes.