eco Data Analytics


Thursday the 29th of August, trip Paris -> Lyon. TGV is leaving and I have 2 working hours ahead. Last night I imported on my laptop one of our big CRM data base then I launched a profiling analysis that is just ending now. I quickly go over the findings and launch a smart 2D projection. As usual, there is no WIFI in the train and too less 4G. Anyway all the algorithms run in the background directly on my laptop without slowdown. And it works! I write some emails and then I come back on last night created report. My boss will certainly like one of those results. It allows to understand how our prospects turn out clients. Hey 2D projection is just complete now! It will efficiently support this point. And all done simply with my laptop in a few hours!”.

This tiny scenery sump up what we call ECO DATA ANALYTICS with NEHOOV’s approach.That is to say knowing how to manage your analytic in a simple and pragmatic way. This prefix, ECO, is for the 3 best faces of our vision:


Data analysis can be done on our current machines. There is no need to overall the bill with CO2 or adding dedicated powerful servers. Running your own computer park in the background is highly ecological!

ECO for ECOULEMENT (French world… in English, “flow”): …

of Time! Let’s break free from “all in real time-control”. Most of us have no need into “on time in the second”, or minute, or hour! Smart reports on big data volumes can be done during the night, the week-end or simply in a few hours on your laptop. Even with hundreds of millions of records. Rethinking the issue of time is highly rewarding for a company especially escaping from networks (internal or external) that often carry on a useless instantaneousness.


no more 30/50 k€ proof of concept leading expensive solutions promoted by big software publishers. With NEHOOV analysis generation doesn’t mean hundred man days but a few days even a couple of hours! Caution about scarcely virtuous companies!

For all this meanings NEHOOV lets you use our standalone tool for data wrangling with freemium access: DEXTER,  that will automatically adjust to your computer power or the server’s area. EIn addition, PREDICT – our universal learning machine module by deep neural networks – is sold at a very soft price and perfectly complete DEXTER! Let’s go to ECO ANALYTIC