a Data Genius
( without being a data scientist : – )

Manage & analyze more simply the complexity of your data

You were dreaming about this, NEHOOV did it !

Processing and analysing data, forecasting flows & behaviors, or optimizing complex systems are generally hard tasks that require a bunch of human and money. Today NEHOOV proposes a range of products & services very simple to access and at contained cost (evently free) that will allow you to take better advantage of your data.
Our softwares are based on genetic deep neural networks, topological analysis and genetic dynamic programming. The underlying neuronal technology to our products is proven since 20 years in numerous sectors. On This, NEHOOV is taking up the legacy of one of the first company that proposed neuronal forecasting: NEURALWARE, whose CEO joined our board.



Be it for improving data wrangling or forecasting by using high-automated machine learning system, we propose the following solutions:

In forecasting or clustering, we train deep neural networks that allow to build relevant models without the need of a basket of data scientists.



For doing data analytics without beeing a Data Scientist, you need to be a Data Genius. But what is a Data Genius? It is simply a person that has the capability, with NEHOOV fully automated softwares, to analyse or vizualize huge amount of data, build models, without being a data specialist. So, ready to become a Data Genius?